Sharing the Good Stuff.

Welcome to Hi Good Stuff! a place to celebrate and share the good stuff. 

There are so many amazing small online businesses out there, with awesomely creative and imaginative people making and doing great, great, good stuff, that I wanted to make a space for them. I would love this tiny slice of online to not only be an outlet for my weird finds, but also a celebration and look at some of my favourite online makers, designers and sellers. 

I know how it can be, secretly saving the awesome small brand you’ve just discovered on Instagram, squirreling your favourites away: I’ve done it countless times, saving them for myself to drool over. Well, no longer.  I want  to shout their names and businesses from the rooftops and salute their wonderful work. 

So, I hope to make this place, not only an online store but a place to refer to, to use as a source of inspiration and to gather all these creatives under one roof, a community…if you will. 

Bare with me as I make this guide to all the good stuff- I’m excited to get stuck in. 

Thank you for joining me and if you want to collaborate, send over a message!  

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