Lefty by Izzy Kross

As Izzy Kross, owner and maker of Lefty, mentions below: The push and pull/positive and negatives of Instagram are always an interesting point of conversation, however, you cannot fault this weird photo app for bringing together communities and allowing people to forge their own slices of business. I love that about it, I love that I was able to, by chance, see Izzy’s awesome work- all the way in NY- and then share it with you guys.

I also fucking love marbling. The colour combinations. The patterns. The unpredictability. I just love it. I think it stems from a childhood memory of marbling paper in primary school, the process and colours were always a winner for me.

Due to the more complex and temperamental dyeing process of Ebru marbling, it’s rare that you see well done marbled garments and fabrics. So, when I stumbled across Lefty and the work of Izzy, I was an instant fan. With the perfectly cut trousers, silk scarves and ruched tops, Izzys’ collection is considered and streamlined and her vision is clear and well executed. Can we also just discuss the colour combinations? sickly and erratic in 100% the best way possible. Lefty has my need for marbling and perfectly cut trousers covered.

Here is what Izzy has to say about Lefty, her process so far and where she would like it to go…

  1. Tell us about yourself and your brand. 

My name is Izzy Kross. I am 27, originally from the lower east side + Brooklyn. My background is in video editing, animation, and graphic design. I am a Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon, and Leo rising, for my astrology heads out there ๐Ÿ˜‰ I had the idea to start Lefty almost 4 years ago, when I decided I wanted to see a specific pair of pants come to life, with all original textiles. I was kind of tired of seeing plaids, checker prints, polka dots, etc. being the only thing available for pant fabrics. So, having no experience in making clothes, I started the long process of peeling back the curtain of clothing manufacturing, and after years of meeting people, asking questions, and trial and error, I finally got my bearings enough to make my first garment. But, as I said, I hadn’t seen enough original textiles for clothing manufacturing, and I didn’t want my pieces to look like any other brand. I had become obsessed with marbling around the same time I started the clothing manufacturing deep dive, so I simultaneously started teaching myself how to marble out of my tiny apartment in Bed Stuy. Again, lots of trial and error went into perfecting my own personal process. Marbling is a very tricky, very messy, and very temperamental medium, but the pay off is extremely rewarding. After corona shut down NY and I no longer had to work full time in the city, I spent a lot of my quarantine setting all the pieces in place to finally launch Lefty. I am really grateful I am able to be in a safe and secure environment that has allowed me to focus on this brand. Really excited to share what new pieces I have in the works!

  1. What are your Inspirations?

As I mentioned, I have a graphic design and animation background, so I am always applying that to Lefty. As far as people go, I am extremely inspired by my peers and seeing other young people starting projects where they can do what they love and actually support themselves. As far as music, I’m all over the map in that I will have Wings, Playboi Carti, and Donna Summer all on one playlist bumping in the studio. I guess that kind of range does subconsciously inspire my prints?


  1. Lets chat about social media- a hindrance or help? 

Well, I hate to say it, but it feels pretty essential for any small business at this point in time. I don’t think I would have been able to share what I am doing with such a large group of people in any other way. Trust me, the amount of times I have deleted the IG app is wild at this point, and yes I get frustrated trying to post every day on the Lefty IG, and yes my personal account is pretty much a meme dumping ground, but I am grateful that I can promote what I’m making right now. I definitely attribute the boom in small businesses to social media promotion. They go hand in hand these days! 

  1.  Where would you like your business to be in a few years and do you have any advice? 

Hmm…Ideally, I would love to have a few set pieces always in the shop, and multiple collaborations a year. I feel like I am on my way. The direction it is headed in is definitely the dream. Just gotta find some assistants pretty soon ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m still kind of a newbie in all of this, but my favourite piece of advice that I live by in all areas of my life is – seriously – treat people how you would like to be treated. It’s clichรฉ, but it works. If you’re fun and easy to work with, the word will get around. I also have no problem sharing information with people who are interested in starting their own brand or learning to marble. Please, hit me up, and ask away. These are trades that are meant to be shared, and we can all bring something new to the table. I’m really not on that competitive tip. There’s plenty of room for everyone to succeed!

  1.  Who are your favourite small businesses or creatives doing interesting things?

I am lucky enough to know a lot of great designers in NYC. For example, Tyler McGillivary, Nick at Small Talk Studio, and my good friend Celia Torvisco all have their own brands, and I LOVE talking with them and learning about their process. I definitely feel super lucky to know them all.  There are so many other creative small businesses out there that I love, it would be hard to only list a few ๐Ÿ˜‰

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