Getting to Know the Makers: Penina Zeltser.

As this space, ‘Hi Good Stuff!’ chops and changes and I begin to figure out what it is I’d like for it to ultimately be. I know for sure I want it to be a somewhere for discovery and a place for sharing. So, with this in mind I’m so excited to introduce, Penina Zeltser; the first up and coming maker to be stocked over on the webstore.

Peninas’ collection is entirely made by her hands, from the printing of the fabric to the meticulous and contrasting stitching, everything has been considered by Penina. With the best natural fabrics used throughout, the textures and feeling of the items available are full of character and depth: No two items are the same.

I hope you all like this new element within this ‘HGS’ project and I hope to be able to make other new designers and makers available to you in the future. But firstly, please enjoy learning about this collection, so much thought and work went into it.

1. Tell us about yourself and your work.

Hello I’m Penina a Print/Pattern Designer from the earth toned burbs of North London. My aim for my most recent collection ‘The Psychedelic Fairy Garden’ was to create pieces that almost worked like psychedelics. I wanted the prints to be bold, the colours to be vibrant and the designs to float. With prints and colours that harmonise with any personality. I wanted the collection to make women feel empowered, beautiful and free. I’m a strong believer in the importance of how clothes make you feel. Having worked in the fashion industry for 4 years I’ve seen the relationship between designs and our psychologies. It can shift our moods, feed our souls and make us fly. I feel as though I have created this in my collection. I hope you enjoy viewing this psychedelic journey; it’s been an experience I’ve truly enjoyed and can’t wait for all the adventures that the collection will take me.

2. What are your methods and thoughts behind your work? 
All my fabrics are hand screen-printed. 

  • I start off with a small sketch from my lil sketchbooks. 
  • Then I enlarge the designs and upload them to photoshop to create the pattern; this is one of my favourite parts I love to experiment with the compositions and repeat. The exploration is endless and you can elevate the image to so many levels. 
  • Once the image is ready I often will invert it so that I can have 2 colours side by side. 
  • I print the images onto Polyester Laser Film (which is necessary for screen-printing)- I use Panopus printing in Highbury and Islington. 
  • I source my fabric from the Cloth House in Camden- I usually stick with Cottons, Muslins and Linens. 
  • Then you’re ready to screen print- you need to prep your screen and wash/iron/pin your fabric. Please see my Textile Screen Printing 101 videos here to see the process more: 

I love this process of printed textiles. Once you know the method you just flow through the procedure without thinking too much. It’s extremely therapeutic and meditative. The satisfaction of making is something I’m really interested in- it can help relieve stress by allowing us to be present and focus. As an avid Yogi I need methods like this to keep me grounded and motivated. 

3. What are your Inspirations? 
My current collection has been inspired by 60s culture, the flower power movement and the psychedelic era. The colours, energy and vibe is all something I’ve tried to emulate in my work. I’m always on the lookout for colour inspiration; I’m constantly noticing colours from signage or graffiti; it helps to inspire me to use colour in a more elevated experimental way. I also take great inspiration from magazines such as Buffalo, I-D, Wonderland, Wallpaper etc. 

4.Where would you like to be in 5 years? 
I am currently working on a website that will be a unique fabric stock. It will be filled with all my prints and designs. The aim is to collaborate with designers and brands to create something truly special. So in 5 years I would love that to be in full swing and to have worked on some amazing projects using my fabric. 

5. What is your favourite item in the collection? 
I love the Patchwork Utility Jacket. Not only are the colours and print clashes mad exciting but it is so adaptable. In the winter it can easily be paired with a turtleneck to keep you toasty. Or in the summer it can be matched with a lil’ vest, bikini top or bandeau. It’s truly seasonless!

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