Lotta Blobs by Shantelle Hyslop

As probably the newest brand and creator I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to, Shantelle has it nailed already!

Lotta Blobs is a simple concept but clearly super effective, with 17.8k followers on Instagram in a few months. Shantelle has tapped into the airy, fun and girly interior trend as well as the selfie sharing culture that dominates the social media app: clearly a powerful combination. Pastel, cute and slightly abstract, these mirrors tick all the boxes.

It’s been so awesome discovering so many creators that have obviously seen a lack of something in the interior/design/fashion market and have successfully filled it with their own creations. The past two creators have dealt mainly with mirrors…. and they are totally right to- affordable design led, unusual mirrors are hard to come by and are evidently in demand. Unfortunately this will most probably result in the big retailers lazily copying them and churning them out for the masses by next year (WE SEE YOU!!), but as always, these creative makers will be producing considered and well made products nonetheless. As always, shop small and support independent business and makers- they are always the first to do it and should be recognised for their creative visions/ buying habits/ risks.

Check out what Shantelle had to say about her wonderful creations…

  1. Tell us about yourself and your brand/work. 

I’m Shantelle, creator of Lotta Blobs. I’m a Graphic Designer by day and blob sculptor by night! Lotta Blobs is a London based brand where I create bright coloured sculpted mirrors. My aim is to add a touch of colour and fun to everyone’s reflection! 

  1. What are your Inspirations? 

I’m an avid homeware collector so I’ve always wanted to create something that I’d love to stumble upon and add to my collection at home. I’m always on the hunt for something that is colourful and seems one of a kind so I try and replicate that in my designs.

  1. Lets chat about social media- a hindrance or help?

Mostly helping! I started the business on Instagram so I have it to thank for the success so far. Though I am slowly getting overwhelmed by my DM’s filling up daily!

  1. Where would you like your business to be in a few years and do you have any advice?

I honestly have no idea! Lotta Blobs is just over a month old so I’m just riding the wave for now! I would like to collaborate with other creatives and develop my collection.

  1.  Who are your favourite small businesses or creatives doing interesting things? 

I love: @squaresandthings // @emilystollery // @lucycarterart // @low_____tide // @sophiecolle // @bougiewoogie___ // @nataconceptstore

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