Made By Celeste by Celeste Burgoyne

As handmade, involved and considered as it gets. MBC or Made by Celeste is the result of the lovely and talented, Celestes’ blood, sweat and tears.

I was lucky enough to work with Celeste during the inception of her brand and it has been a lovely thing to see her hone her craft and deliver stronger and stronger ideas and designs year by year. Minimal and detail orientated, her work is clothing to live in, to be comfy in and to love and wear over and over again. This alternative shopping model is what Celeste discusses below, it is an approach to shopping and making that means championing a more sustainable, slower, personal and overall better buying process.

This slow and personal approach to the business means the customer appreciates what they are purchasing, understanding it will be made for them by one maker who has conceptualised, designed, styled and made their garment adds another level of care that isn’t witnessed in the usual fashion shopping experience.

This personal shopping model is being seen more and more recently, which in my opinion, is only a positive thing and I can’t wait to see what else Celeste comes up with.

Read more from the lady herself …

1 Tell us about yourself and your brand.
MBC incorporates everything that I love – pattern cutting, making, designing and styling. I started out of my bedroom four years ago after I dropped out of my fine art BA at CSM, and as I’d always used garments in my work it seemed natural to continue and learn how to make clothes properly. My end goal was to eventually create a lifestyle brand centred around reusable alternatives and unisex clothing, and to champion a buying process that encouraged customers to purchase more considered pieces that they will wear and use over and over.

2 What are your Inspirations?
BIG question! So much stuff! I’m of course endlessly inspired by other designers (atm some favourites are Baserange, Ottolinger, Super Yaya, Mowalola, Soup Archive & Story MFG) as well as vintage pieces, art, and the spaces that I’ve been lucky enough to work in.My big one though is working with friends. Right from the beginning all my shoots have been shot, styled and modelled by my pals – and it makes me so happy that they were organically involved, and still are, with the whole process! From Beau Gervais, Keith Taylor, Max Shukla, Bel Mehta, Tosin Adeosun, Lily Hayes and a whole bunch more I would N E V E R be where I am today without them! 

3 Lets chat about social media- a hindrance or help?
As much as I sometimes wish it wasn’t, social media is sooooooo integral to what I do. I feel super lucky that a lot of my customers have been following me for years, and have seen me grow from making tees in my bedroom to doing this full time – I feel very supported by all of them! It sometimes feels a little dystopian to solely rely on an app for my income, but in many ways I’m grateful, as without it it would have been so difficult to find a platform to share what I’m making. Especially this year, its been such an important aspect of being able to continue working and staying connected to other makers whilst we’ve been in lockdowns 🙂

4  Where would you like your business to be in a few years and do you have any advice?
I have so many plans for the next few years, both in terms of how I work and what I want to be making! Primarily I’d love to work with other people – whilst it’s super rewarding in some ways to do all the making on my own, its also very overwhelming. Having the time to be more creative and conceptual with what I’m designing by working with other people and sharing ideas and decisions would be a lovely place to start. My advice would be to stick at it! Starting your own business is always going to have massive ups and downs. There will be times when it feels really really hard or isn’t working and you’ll feel like giving up. I definitely sacrificed things that come with regular jobs like financial stability, but when it does work it feels amazing – it just takes a long time to get there! So don’t give up! 

5  Who are your favourite small businesses or creatives doing interesting things?

  • Rézine – @re_zine
  • Hebe Kath – @hebekath 
  • Coury Knight – @courycloth and @goodknightyou
  • Olivia Rennie – @oliviarennie_
  •  Celeste McEvoy – @celeste__mcevoy
  • Imogen Rose – innogen _rose

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