Meeting the Makers: Rachel Louise.

My sister Rachel, the awesomely talented and thoughtful artist that reflects largely on her own most inner fears and feelings. I’m not going to attempt to un-pack her work as this is merely an introduction and would probably be weird…because she’s my sister!? but I did want to confess to being her biggest fan and i’m super proud to have some of her work available over on the shop.

See what she (briefly!) has to say below…

Portrait by Lauren Maccabee ( for

1. Tell us about yourself…
An artist currently living in London

2. When/how did the two chosen drawings come to be?
The one of myself and the baby doll with legs in the air, was made in 2018 and the still life was in 2020, at the start of the UK pandemic lockdown.

3. Do you have any advice to other emerging artists/makers?
Talk with each other, work together, collaborate, take your time, ask questions, share thoughts, support each other. It’s easy to feel alone and silly till you find many people doing and feeling the same. The status quo wants us to compete with each other but the capitalist road is lonely and destructive.

4. What’s your favourite time/place to draw?
Any time, sitting at a table or sitting in bed.

5. Who are your favourite current artists/makers working now?
That is very very hard because there are so many people I admire, I have tried to make artist ‘highlights’ on my instagram but it still can not fit everyone in. For today and always I will say @badsauna @suekreitzman and @prettypillowprincess to begin with.