Psychic Outlaw by Rebecca Wright.

As Instagram start-up businesses go, Psychic Outlaw have grown from strength to strength, with an instantly recognisable product. Now with a small team working on this recycling, reimagining and handmade goodness, this business is an absolute success story- owner and creator Rebecca Wright must be so proud of the community she’s formed.

With two main product options available- the quilted collection and bandanna collections- this focus on a classic silhouette alongside vintage and recycled fabrics is a win. With a tailored, one off service you are able to have your dream coat or jacket created just for you: Psychic Outlaw is the epitome of sustainable small batch making and is a new and exciting way of consuming fashion.

I once saw the team address peoples concerns about their use of antique quilts, which is a totally fair concern as many of these vintage quilts are the result of the creators love and hard work; with the concern that these timeless patchworks are being cut up for a, dare I say it, current trend. These concerns were met with absolute understanding, awareness and respect for the vintage, one-off fabrics they are using- with many of the quilts they offer being damaged beyond repair or the customer supplying their own. Psychic Outlaw, in my opinion, provides a service whereby customers are able to reimagine and recycle cherished fabrics, re-creating a family heirloom or much loved vintage quilt and giving it a new lease of life.

The individual service that is available within this growing business should be recognised by large retail giants. With a genuine concern and love for their customers and appreciators, Psychic Outlaw is paving the way for an exciting and personal online retail approach.

See what Rebecca answered to the usual questions…

  1. Tell us about yourself and your brand. I began sewing as a child, making outfits for my dolls with hand stitching & hot glue. I got more into fashion in my mid 20’s & I decided to make it my career. In college I studied Fibres & Textile Design, fashion has always just been a fun hobby/ way of self expression. I was originally using the Psychic Outlaw name as my vintage clothing resale shop and then I started adding in a few of my handmade pieces here and there. When I saw the demand more specifically for my handmade goods, that is when I decided to go full force with my handmade items which was the birth of Psychic Outlaw as we know it today. 
  1. What are your Inspirations?  The textiles themselves inspire me within Psychic Outlaw. I’m a textile freak! I love anything vintage and cool and beautiful. I see something I love, and want to figure out how to wear it. Fashion is so important to me so I always try to combine textiles and fashion. I have a great love of thrifting and adventure hunting – being creative with what you have is my true inspiration.
  1. Lets chat about social media- a hindrance or help? Social media is an amazing tool if you are a business trying to connect with people. It provides the ability to give great customer service without having a store front. That’s a big reason why our brand does really well – we respond to all DMs and talk to our customers everyday.
  1.  Where would you like your business to be in a few years and do you have any advice? I think that the way that I’d like to grow is to have more products and more designs. I would love for COVID to go away so we can start attending events within our community. I love to have really good products to go along with our classics and to continue to recycle and build within our community of creatives. My advice would be to never stop creating, finish what you start, and work on your art everyday.

5. Who are your favourite small businesses or creatives doing interesting things? @Lifershop, @shesbobbylynn @squidvishuss, @mercedezrexdesigns @shelbyrahe, @jxnart, and many vintage sellers