Offbeat Sweet by Marissa Crider

I was Introduced to Offbeat Sweet recently, a lucky re-post by Dye Baby brought this awesome NY based brand to my attention: The epitome of satisfying, with vivid and bold colour palettes forming these perfectly puffy handmade handbags. I’m an absolute sucker for handbags anyway, but it’s as if Marissa (owner, designer and maker) is in my brain; with choices of chunky fabric chains, confetti totes or textural patterned satin, her designs are truly delicious and exciting.

Offbeat Sweet will be one to watch and I can’t wait to see what other sweet treats emerge, so the moment I saw these wonderful puffy bags I knew I wanted to chat to Marissa.

1. Tell us about yourself and your brand.

 Hi, I’m Marissa! I am the creator, designer, and sole employee of Offbeat Sweet. My background is in painting, but I found for me, designing and making usable objects to be the culmination of everything I love! Offbeat sweet’s roots are magical thinking, nostalgia, and a deep love for objects/ home goods. I hope the take away from my brand is JOY. Joy in color, joy in texture/shape, joy in pattern. As of right now Offbeat Sweet is a line of bags and accessories, but i aim to become an all encompassing brand of goods and wears! 

2. What are your Inspirations? 

– Movies! I take a lot of screenshots and use them for pattern/ color inspo 

– beautifully set tables/ picnics (plates, wine glasses, flowers in a vase) 

– The ritual of arranging table settings is very important to me creatively and personally.

 – Danish/ Nordic design 

– Set and costume design

 – Dark fairy tales/ ghost stories.

 – Household objects! 

– Magic found in nature (Rainbows, mist, mushroom fairy circles, flower gardens) 

3. Lets chat about social media- a hindrance or help? 

– Ack. both. It is a necessary evil that can be used for good. I personally don’t feel great at it, like getting my personality across while remaining authentic feels like a tricky balance to strike. I find a lot of the things you have to do to get noticed feel kinda cheesy or slightly compromising…but i’m not above it lol. Also it’s sooo easy to get discouraged on IG. Like am I growing fast enough? How do I get more followers? Why am I comparing myself to everyone else? IG really teaches us that if something doesn’t instanously get attention, it’s not valid. Which is bullshit, especially when growing new ideas. 

4. Where would you like your business to be in a few years and do you have any advice for anyone wanting to start something? 

I picture Offbeat Sweet becoming a whole lifestyle brand! It’s my dream to learn how to make everything (shoes, furniture, clothing, mirrors, rugs ect ect.) I want Offbeat Sweet to be an unmistakable style no matter what it’s designed into.

 My advice for anyone wanting to start something is, if you believe you have a good idea, go for it. don’t overthink it and be a little delusional. It takes a special kind of confidence to make things and think “I like this and other people will too.” I think if I had over-thought what it would mean/take for me to start Offbeat Sweet, idk if I would have taken as many risks initially. OHH and get involved in your community! Collaborate with your peers/ people you look up to!

5. Who are your favourite small businesses or creatives doing interesting things?

 I have so many. I am a huge fan girl of anyone making things. 

– Ugly rugly’s rugs and plant hangers 

– MyFawny ‘s beautiful marbled shirts

– Rosemilk ceramics 

– Caveglow studio ‘s candles 

– Earthtolane ‘s wire sculptures 

– Monapalmer’s mirrors 

– Gr8daneworld ‘s bags 

– Local womans ‘s dresses

 – Franca studios ‘s clothing 

– Everyones mother ‘s fiber works

 – Cakes 4 sport ‘s amazing cakes! (which i got for my bday) 

– Carozola ‘s floral arrangements 

And local stores like 


– Shop sounds 

– Lolo and friend 

– Relationships (rip ://) 

– Topos books and coffee 

– Likemindedobjects 

– Otherwild ( also rip :/ )

 – Coming soon 

– Hester street fair The list goes on forever.

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